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Outside of the Seljuk Battle Bowl, Kashan, Iran, early 13th century.

Referenced on p.121, God's Warriors, Knights Templar, Saracens and the Battle for Jerusalem by Helen Nicholson & David Nicolle
Among figures around the outer edge of this early 13th century 'battle plate' from Iran are a retainer with a bow-case on his hip and a ruler carrying the animal-headed form of mace reserved for leading figures. (Freer Gallery of Art, inv. 43.3, Washington, USA).

MEDIUM: Stone-paste painted over glaze with enamel (mina'i)
DIMENSIONS: H x W x D: 11.1 x 47.8 x 47.8 cm (4 3/8 x 18 13/16 x 18 13/16 in)
TYPE: Ceramic Vessel
ORIGIN: Kashan, Iran
DATE: early 13th century
PERIOD: Saljuq period
FORMER OWNER: Dikran G. Kelekian, Inc.
PROVENANCE: To 1943, Dikran G. Kelekian, Inc., New York. From 1943 Freer Gallery of Art, purchased from Dikran G. Kelekian, Inc., New York in 1943
CREDIT LINE: Purchase Charles Lang Freer Endowment
Freer Gallery of Art

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