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Illustrations from the manuscript of the Romance of Varqa and Gulshah, c1250.

FIG. 11.-23, 22a: Gulshāh tue RabÄ«‘ en enfonçant la lance dans sa poitrine; quatre cavaliers et Warqah lié; fond bleu foncé; inscription: "Gulshāh tue Ibn ‘Adnān, sauve Warqah."
FIG. 11.-23, 22a: Gulshāh kills RabÄ«‘ by driving the lance in his chest; four horsemen and Warqah bound; dark blue background; inscription: "Gulshāh kills Ibn ‘Adnān, saves Warqah"

f.23/22a. Gulshah kills Rabi ibn Adnan with her lance. Behind her is her defeated lover Varqa, wounded and bound. Next

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