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Timurid Soldiers from Muhammad Juki's Shahnamah, early 1440s
Arjasp defeats Gushtasp

British Library Ms 239, folio 270r

A larger image of the left of Arjasp defeats Gushtasp in Muhammad Juki's Shahnamah.

London, The British Library
Folios 270r and 269v
Title of Work: Shahnama (Juki)
Manuscript: Ms 239
Scene: Arjasp defeats Gushtasp
Dimensions (h x w): 180 x 150 mm each
Format: Full page within borders including text (inscription)
Gregorian Date: 1440 (to 45)
School: Herat
Source: Shahnama Project

Referenced as Plate 55 in: M. GORELIK, "Oriental Armour of the Near and Middle East from the Eighth to the Fifteenth Centuries as Shown in Works of Art", in: Islamic Arms and Armour, ed. ROBERT ELGOOD, London 1979
55 Shāh-Nāmeh by Ferdawsī. Herat. c.1440. (Royal Asiatic Society. London. Morley 239 fol. 270)

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