Illustration from the Süleymanname showing Ottoman costume
Suleiman the Magnificent's Culus (Enthronement) Ceremony by Matrakci Nasuh

A larger image of Suleiman the Magnificent's Culus (Enthronement) Ceremony. Süleymanname of 1558, Topkapi Saray Museum ms Hazine 1517.

After hearing about his father’s death, Süleyman arrived in Istanbul from Manisa (where he served as a governor) and ascended the golden throne in front of the Babüssaade (Gate of Felicity) at the Topkapı Palace. As part of the ceremony, the Şeyhülislam (Chief Cleric) and the Grand Vizier, along with other viziers and various governors were present in their assigned places. On the first page of the miniature, people of varying ages and professions chatter excitedly in small groups, in a chaotic and disorganised setting. On the second page, however, the figures sitting closer to the sultan are observing rules of propriety and decorum as demanded by the etiquette of the ceremony.
Source: Reorient from Osmanlı Tasvir Sanatları

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