Illustration from the Süleymanname showing Ottoman soldiers

Süleyman hunting with Selim, Aleppo, 1553

A larger image of Süleyman hunting with Selim, Aleppo, 1533, Süleymanname

In the winter of 1553, Süleyman went to Aleppo to visit his son Cihangir, who was governor there. Cihangir was so distressed by the recent execution of his step-brother Mustafa by their father Süleyman that he died. Thus, Selim, another prince stationed in Marash at the time, came to Aleppo to join his father. They participated together in this hunting party, a typical aristocratic leisure activity and male-bonding exercise. Süleyman is pictured holding a falcon. Selim rides a black horse and kills a gazelle with a sword. His companions lasso a deer and slay a lion. Süleymanname is replete with depictions of hunting parties, which serve as expressions of the Sultan's martial prowess. Topkapi Saray Museum ms Hazine 1517 folio 576a
Photo by Ottoman History Podcast

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