Illustration from the Süleymanname showing Ottoman soldiers

Sultan Suleiman during the Siege of Rhodes, 1522

detail of top left, the Siege of Rhodes

Note the miners, Janissaries with bills & small round shields, Solaks and 2 Peiks leading the Sultan.
Topkapi Palace Museum. Manuscript Hazine 1517. Folio 149a.
detail of Sultan Suleiman during the Siege of Rhodes, bottom right

From p.18 ELI - 58 The Janissaries by David Nicolle and Christa Hook:
The siege of Rhodes in 1522, from the Süleymanname of 1558. While Ottoman sappers excavate mines, Janissary marksmen shoot at the Knights Hospitaller manning the walls. Other Janissaries with shields and hooked pole-arms stand ready to mount an assault. (Ms. Haz. 1517, f.149a, Topkapi Lib., Istanbul)

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