Illustration from Topkapi Sarayi Museum, MS. Hazine 1597-8
Selīm-nāma by Şūkrī-i Bitlisī
Bayezid II fighting his son Selim at Uğraşdere

A larger image of Bayezid II fighting his son Selim at Uğraşdere, 'Selīm-nāma', TSM Hazine 1597-8, c.1521-24.

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Uğraşdere (near «orlu, Thrace) was the battleground where Sultan Beyazid II defeated his son Selim I (August 1511); a year later Beyazid II was defeated by Selim and was the first Ottoman father to be overthrown by his son. Beyazid II died in «orlu on his way to exile in Dimetoka. Coincidentally, Selim himself died in «orlu nine years into his reign. Both father and son are buried in Istanbul.
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