Illustration from Topkapi Sarayi Museum, MS. Hazine 1597-8
Selīm-nāma by Şūkrī-i Bitlisī
The Battle of Chaldiran, 1514

A larger image of The Battle of Chaldiran, 'Selīm-nāma', TSM Hazine 1597-8, c.1521-24.

A detail of the right is referenced in ELI - 58 The Janissaries by David Nicolle and Christa Hook: Ottoman troops at the battle of «aldiran, 1514, in a manuscript of c.1525. Four infantrymen carry long-bladed and hooked staff weapons. The two in front wear the red Janissary caps of the Sil‚htar guard corps, which normally fought as cavalry; the others have the normal white cap of Janissary Cemaat units. Two of these infantrymen also have richly embroidered tunics, perhaps indicating officer status. (Selimname, Ms. Haz. 1597-8, f.113a, Topkapi Lib., Istanbul)

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