Scenes with courtiers portrayed as 15th century Ottomans
from Küllüyat-ı Katibi, c.1450–60 AD
Eyüp and Salman come before the Sultan

A larger image of the right-hand page of scenes with courtiers portrayed as 15th century Ottomans from 'Küllüyat-ı Katibi', c.1450–60 AD.

An illustrated manuscript which dates back to the years between 1460-1480, is “Küllüyat-ı Katibi” (complete works of Katibi) of Semseddin Muhammed bin Abdullah Nisaburi, whose pen name was Katibi. The small miniatures of this work were made by two different designer-painters and one of them resembles the miniatures of Dilsuzname which was made in Edirne. The treatment of natural elements, especially cypresses and huge flower bouquets lined up on the horizon, would become the defining characteristics of later Ottoman miniature art.
Topkapi Sarai Museum ms. R.989. Folios 229b & 230a
Source: The Miniature Art In The Manuscripts Of The Ottoman Period (XVth - XIXth Centuries) by H. Sekíne Karakaş & Fatíh Rukanci

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