The "Turushev Plate"
A Sasanian King Hunting Lions

A larger image of the "Turushev Plate", A Sasanian King Hunting Lions. Hermitage S-253

Title: Dish: Shapur II on a Lion Hunt
Place of creation: Iran
Date: Between 310 and 320
Epoch. Period: Sassanid Dynasty
Material: silver
Technique: forged, pierced ground, chased, gilded; additional parts - repousse
Dimensions: diam. 22.9 cm
Acquisition date: Entered the Hermitage in 1930; transferred from the Ural Museum in Sverdlovsk
Inventory Number: S-253
State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, S-253

Dish with King of Kings Shapur II (309-379) hunting lions.
310-320 CE. Silver. Dia. 22.9 cm.
Found 1927 vill. Turushev, Viatka prov. with several other Byzantine, Sasanian and Central Asian dishes, including T & L no. 13. Inv. no. S-253.
Pub.: Trever and Lukonin no. 3; Scythian 1969, no. 83
State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg :: Sasanian Metalwork.

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