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The "Pereshchepina Plate"
A Sasanian King Hunting Mountain Sheep

Dish depicting Shapur II hunting mountain sheep.
310-320s CE. Silver. Dia 23 cm.
Found 1912 near Malaia Pereshchepina, Poltava prov. (Ukraine) with other Sasanian metalwork.
Inv. no. 272. Trever & Lukonin No. 2.
State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg :: Sasanian Metalwork.

The Pereshchepina plate is damaged, and the royal headdress is incompletely preserved; for that reason it is not certain that Shapur's headgear was originally represented. Moreover, a halo encircles the head, a feature that does not otherwise appear on identifiable kings on Sasanian silver vessels until the reign of Yazdgard I.6 Features linking the Pereshchepina and Freer Shapur plates are the composition, the high-relief modeling of the head, and some details of dress and ornaments. But the figure on the Pereshchepina plate does not wear a beaded halter, a feature of royal dress that became standard in representations beginning with Shapur II.7

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