Bowl with horseman with Leopard, 9th Century, Nishapur, Iran,
National Museum of Iran, Tehran

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Source: LA3M. LABORATOIRE D'ARCHÉOLOGIE MÉDIÉVALE ET MODERNE EN MÉDITERRANÉE. Iconographie des céramiques polychromes (rangârang) de Nishâpur
National Museum of Iran, Tehran. Glazed bowl depicting a warrior on horseback surrounded by animals and birds, from Nishapur, 9th century (pottery)
ID 1765

Referenced as figure 2.44 in Wilkinson, Charles K. Nishapur: Some Early Islamic Buildings and Their Decoration. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1986. [pdf]
Glazed buff ware bowl from a low level of Tepe Madraseh, TI. Reddish buff body, bone-colored surface, design in black, yellow, and green on a yellow ground. Height 11.2. cm, diameter 38 cm. Muzé Iran Bastan, Teheran.

Referenced as figure 350 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
350. Ceramic bowl, 10th century AD, Kurāsānī, Archaeological Museum, Tehran (Du R).
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