Justinian as World Conqueror
The Barberini Ivory, mid-sixth century

A larger image of Justinian as world conqueror. The Barberini Ivory, mid-sixth century.

Justinian as world conqueror (Barberini Ivory), left leaf of a diptych, mid-sixth century. Ivory, 1' 1 1/2" x 10 1/2". Louvre, Paris.
Source: Byzantium: The New Rome

Note the Germanic? soldiers at lower left and the Indians? at lower right.

The main panel is referenced on p.32, Byzantine Cavalryman c.900-1204 by Timothy Dawson (Author), Giuseppe Rava (Illustrator)
Although the rider's dress and equipment is characterized by antiquarian stylization, other evidence confirms that the horse furniture shown on the Barberini ivory is a good indication of how ornamental the best middle Byzantine era could be.

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