Mail-shirt of Sultan Qaitbay. Egypt, 15th century.

A djawshan - a coat-of-mail reinforced with iron splints (teneke).
Topkapu Saray Museum, Istanbul.
Source: ISLAMIC ARMOUR An introduction by Dr. A. Rahman Zaky. Gladius, II (1963), pp69-74.

Drawings of, & notes on, Mamluks in armour 14th-15th Centuries by Ian Heath.
Nihayat al-sul-1371 a Mameluke manual of horsemanship and military practice, 1371.
Late 14th to 15th century Mameluke costume in Kalila and Dimna
Helmet with the name of Sultan Barsbay, 1422-38
Kitsab al-makhzun jami' al-funun by ibn akhi hizam. A Mameluke manual of military practice and horsemanship, Egypt or Syria, 1470.
Costume and Arms of the Mamelukes in The pilgrimage of the Knight Arnold von Harff 1496 to 1499

10th to 19th century Egypt and its territories
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