Steatite Icon of Saint Demetrios
Byzantine, 14th Century

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A larger image of this Steatite Icon of Saint Demetrios, Byzantine

A detail of Saint Demetrios, Steatite Icon, Byzantine
Icône : Saint Démétrios
Stéatite : Empire byzantin, début du XIVe siècle
Cadre d'argent sur âme de bois : Balkans, XVIe siècle

Icon: Saint Demetrios
Soapstone: Byzantine Empire, the early 14th century
Silver frame on wooden core: Balkans, 16th century
Height: 17.50 cm. Width : 13.5 cm.

Ancienne collection Sarropoulos, Béhague, Ganay ; acquisition 1989
Département des Objets d'art, Louvre OA 11219. New Link: Louvre

An 11th century steatite ikon of St Demetrios as an archer. Note the recurve bow and spear, and the quilted kavadion with "upside down lamellar" protection for arms and lower body
Source: 'Byzantine Arms and Armour from Contemporary Images' by Steven Lowe

Referenced on p.12, Byzantine Armies AD 1118-1461 by Ian Heath & Angus McBride
St Michael, from a 12th century Thessalonikan steatite. He appears to wear a quilted corselet.

Referenced as figure 107 in Arms and armour of the crusading era, 1050-1350 by Nicolle, David. 1988 edition
107     “St. Demetrius”, carved steatite plaque from Thessaloniki, Byzantine, 12 Cent.
(Collection de la Comtesse de Béhague), Paris. Francis)

Another warrior saint from a similar period and area shows similar armour, though differently rendered. His bow might be of a type used by twelfth century Byzantine horse-archers.

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