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Syriac Gospel c. 1220

Christ before the High Priest

Referenced on p15, MAA 171 Saladin and the Saracens by David Nicolle
Syriac Gospel from the Jazirah region, c.AD 1220. The Guard's wear both mail and lamellar armour. (Ms. Additional 7170, British Library, London).

Back to the Syriac Gospel of c.1220. Ms. Additional 7170, British Library, London

A Syrian Cavalryman c.1220, from Armies and Enemies of the Crusades 1096-1291 by Ian Heath, based on this Syriac Gospel Ms. Additional 7170
The same scene of 'Jesus before the High Priest' in Jacobite-Syrian Lectionary of the Gospels, Monastery of Mar Mattai near Mosul, Iraq, c.1220. Vatican Library, Ms. Syr. 559