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Illustrations from

Maqāmāt of al-Hariri

(Abou Mohammad al-Qāsim ibn ‛Ali ibn Mohammad ibn ‛Ali al-Hariri al-Basri)

St. Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies,
manuscript C-23 of c. 1225-35

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Maqamat. Caravan at rest
Maqamat. f.12a, A Caravan Shop
Maqamat. f.18b, Literary Meeting
Maqamat. f.43b, An old man and a young man in front of the tents of the rich pilgrims
Maqamat. f.99a, Thief Taking his Loot
Maqamat. f.101a, Abu Zayd preaching in a mosque
Maqamat. Abu Zayd at a wedding banquet at a beggars’ mansion in Cairo.
Maqamat. Abu Zayd as a teacher in a school at Hims
Maqamat. f.165a, Abu Zayd Performing a Bleeding in a Crowd of Curious People
Maqamat. Abu Zayd and al-Harith talking
Maqamat. f.223a, Abu Zayd and al-Harith, the singer and the herd of camels
Maqamat. f.250a, The meeting of Abu Zayd and al-Harith at the reception of the governor of Merv
Maqamat. Maqama 43, The Story of the Lost Traveling Companion

Reference: "The St. Petersburg manuscript of the Maqāmāt by al-Ḥarīrī and its Place in the History of Arab Painting" by O.G. Bolshakov in Manuscripta Orientali, Vol. 3 No 4 December 1997.
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