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Ayyubids on a Ewer, Jazirah, 1246-1247

A Mamluk Horse-archer

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Artist: Yunus ibn Yusuf, "al-naqqash al-Mawsili"
Year: 1246-1247 (AH 644)
Material: brass with silver inlay
Origin: Mosul, Iraq (?)

Referenced as figure 307 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
307. Inlaid metal ewer by Yūsuf al Mawsilī 1246-47 AD, Jazīrah, Walters Art Gallery no. 54.456, Baltimore.
pp453-4: Oddly enough there seem to be more illustrations of mamluk horse-archers from the later Ayyubid eras, in the 13th century, than from the days of Salah ad Din himself. Their equipment would appear to have been fairly standardized, with a minority wearing heavy armour and riding horses possibly with bards and chanfrons (Figs. 129, 291, 300, 304, 307, 308 and 651).

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