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A Greek Fire Projector in Codex Vaticanus Graecus 1605, 11th century.

Author: Hero Byzantius, sec. X. Opere spurie e dubbie
Title: Liber de machinis bellicis
Date: sec. XI

1)sec. XI
2)1r-58r: Hero Byzantius, sec. X. Opere spurie e dubbie , sec. XIV (f. 58r)

Source: Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

An 11th century copy of Parangelmata Poliorcetica (manual on siege warfare) by Heron of Byzantium. The original was written in the 10th century.

See also 142. GREEK FIRE in Armies of the Dark Ages 600-1066 by Ian Heath, based on Codex Vaticanus Graecus 1605.
'Greek fire in use against the fleet of the rebel, Thomas the Slav' in Skylitzes Chronicle (Codex Gręcus Matritensis)
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